Monday, July 13, 2015

Concert Trupa Amadeus Electric Quartet - 15 years Amway 17 noiembrie 2012

Am o mare colectie cu poze si videoclipuri de pe vremea cand Alexandra Violin facea parte din trupa Amadeus Electric Quartet, asa ca am decis sa fac o serie de "Throwback Thursday", pentru toti fanii vechi ai trupei.
Aceasta poza de mai sus este de la aniversarea de 15 ani a Amway, din 17 noiembrie 2012.
Mai multe poze si videoclipuri din concertele Trupei Amadeus veti gasi pe pagina "Concerte".

I have a huge collection of pictures and videos from the time Alexandra Violin was part of the band Amadeus Electric Quartet, so I've decided to start a "Throwback Thursday" for all the old fans of the band.  
This picture (top) is from the 15 years anniversary of Amway from the 17th of November 2012.
More pictures and videos from the band's concert you can find at the page  "Concerts".

You can find our favorite violinist at the links listed below!

Informatii despre Alexandra Violin gasiti pe urmatoarele pagini de socializare: 

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