Thursday, July 23, 2015

Alexandra Violin & Trupa Amadeus invitate la Acces Direct 16 noiembrie 2012

Continuand seria de Throwback Thursday, saptamana aceasta va prezint un fragment din emisiune Acces Direct din 16 noiembrie 2012, la care au participat Alexandra Violin si colegele sale din trupa Amadeus.

Mai jos puteti asculta melodia Davai si interviul acordat de cele 4 fete:

~ Alexandra Violin & Trupa Amadeus - Davai (Acces Direct) ~

~ Alexandra Violin & Trupa Amadeus - Interview @ Acces Direct with subtitles ~

~ Alexandra Violin & Trupa Amadeus interviu Acces Direct ~

~ Alexandra Violin & Trupa Amadeus - Davai (Acces Direct) ~

Acces Direct Trupa Amadeus a cantat la Acces Direct


Alexandra Violin and her former band Amadeus Electric Quartet were invited at Acces Direct to perform  their single Davai. Davai was written and produced by Alexandra's former husband and his voice is the one you can hear on the track.

You can watch the performance above.

You can find our favorite violinist at the links listed below!

Informatii despre Alexandra Violin gasiti pe urmatoarele pagini de socializare: 

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