Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Alexandra Violin & Trupa Amadeus - melodia 4x4 (Continental 2002)

A treia melodie de pe albumul de debut al trupei Amadeus Electric Quartet, Continental (2002), se numeste 4x4, este o piesa cu influente country.
Puteti asculta melodia mai jos:

~ Alexandra Violin si trupa Amadeus - 4x4 ~

Pentru a asculta melodiile trupei Amadeus, accesati tab-ul "Discografie Amadeus".


The 3rd song off the debut album of Amadeus Electric Quartet, the band Alexandra was in, Continental (2002), is entitled 4x4, a song with country influences.
You can listen to the track above.

If you want to listen to the album go to the tab "Discografie Amadeus".

You can find our favorite violinist at the links listed below!

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