Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Concert Alexandra Violin & New Center @ Black and White Summer Club Turnu Magurele 23 august 2015

Alexandra Violin a sustinut un concert alaturi de baietii din trupa ei New Center, Octavian si DJ Maier, in club Black & White Subber Club, in cadrul unei petreceri private, pe 23 august 2015.

Trupa New Center are deja lansat un single, Blaming You, care a fost special creat pentru concertele de club. Mai multe informatii despre New Center gasiti pe pagina lor oficiala de FaceBook si pe canalul lor de YouTube.

New Center & Alexandra Violin - I'm not the only one (Sam Smith Live Cover)

New Center & Alexandra Violin - Casuta Nostra (Gica Petrescu live cover)

New Center & Alexandra Violin - Ionel, Ionelule (Gica Petrescu live cover)

New Center & Alexandra Violin - Fira-i tu sa fii de murg (Liviu Vasilica live cover)

Buna dimineata, dragilor !!! 
Sa aveti o zi super !!! 🎷🎻🎤

New Center always in our soul 🎻🎷🎧 — feeling wonderful at Black&White Summer CLUB.

Ready for this party !!!!
🎉 🎷🎻🎧 🎉
 — listening to New Center Official atBlack&White Summer CLUB.

Saxy a inceput probele.
Se aproprie petrecerea.. Tic-tac Tic tac 🎷
 — listening to New Center Official at Black&White Summer CLUB.

Here are some photos and videos from Alexandra Violin's new band, called New Center, from a private event from August 2015.

You can find our favorite violinist at the links listed below!

Informatii despre Alexandra Violin gasiti pe urmatoarele pagini de socializare: 
YouTube | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr | Vimeo 

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