Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Photo shoot Alexandra Violin (2010)

Alexandra Violin se afla in perioda de promovare a primului sau videoclip oficial din cariera de violonista solo (este vorba despre un remake a Toamnei lui Vivaldi), iar vinerea trecuta a sustinut un concert la Win Bet Gaming Club, asa ca pana apar pozele din cadrul evenimentului, m-am gandit sa va arat cateva poze cu Alexandra Chise din 2010.


Alexandra Violin is promoting her first official music video from her solo career for Autumn (a Vivaldi Remake) and last Friday she had a concert at the 8 year anniversary of Win Bet Gaming Club, so until the photos from the concert will be posted on their official sites, here are a few pictures from Alexandra Chise's photo shoot from 2010, when she was part of the band Amadeus Electric Quartet.

You can find our favorite violinist at the links listed below!

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