Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Alexandra Violin & Amadeus - melodia Andaluiza (Continental 2002)

Andaluiza este a doua piesa de pe albumul de debut al trupei Amadeus Electric Quartet, Continental (2002), a carei membra fondatoare este Alexandra. Si este si prima melodie pentru care fetele: Alexandra, Cristina, Andreea si Gratiela au filmat un videoclip, pe care il puteti viziona mai jos. In primul minut al videoclipului se aude melodia Intro, care este de fapt un prelude pentru Andaluiza.

~ Alexandra Violin & Amadeus - Andaluiza ~

Puteti asculta piesele de pe albumul Continental aici sau pe pagina "Discografie Amadeus".


Andaluiza is the second song off the debut album of Amadeus Electric Quartet, Continental (2002), whose founder member Alexandra Violin was. Also, this is the first track for which the girls: Alexandra, Cristina, Andreea and Gratiela, filmed a music video, which you can watch above. In the 1st minute of the video you hear the song Intro, which is the prelude for Andaluiza. 
You can listen to the songs off the album Continental here or by accessing the page "Discografie Amadeus".

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  1. Traducir

    And after the sublime intro is still a magnificent Melody with an atmosphere of a faraway place, with a sound of violins and piano almost supernatural, an excellent song.


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